She is a window and she is an arrow She is a line in the sand She is the ocean, that breathless commotion That carries you far from dry land She is the sunlight, that wicked blue moonlight The star to my wandering bark And she is the melody to my sad symphony She is the way through the dark She'll tip you over and she'll drag you under And she'll sing that love is a fire She is a mystery, my heart's wounded history And she is the hardest goodbye She is a lesson that I learned the hard way She's a long distance call She is a casualty of my uncertainty She's a brick wall She's an obsession and she's an addiction That I thought I had beat She's a confession and she's a temptation That walks by on the street She is my skin holding my blood in And covering my bones She is my meaning, the crutch I've been leaning on She is my own - Ben Abraham